What to eat after Colonoscopy? Complete guide about food

What to eat after Colonoscopy? Complete guide about food

After going through the process of Colonoscopy, patients often are very concerned about their food. The patient needs to take care of their diet and food. Therefore, they search for what to eat after Colonoscopy. After this procedure, the patient is advised to eat soft and tender food until his treatment is completed.

What to eat after Colonoscopy?

After a colonoscopy, it is important to follow a special diet for a few days to allow your digestive system to recover. If you were suffering from digestive issues and went through a colonoscopy, you should know what to eat after colonoscopy. Your doctor will give you certain instructions on what to eat and drink after the procedure. But in general, you should aim to eat light, easy-to-digest foods that won’t irritate your digestive system.

For the first few hours after the procedure, you will be on a clear liquid diet. This means you can drink water, clear broth, apple juice, and other clear liquids. You should avoid anything with pulp, seeds, or solid pieces, as well as anything that is carbonated or contains caffeine.

After a colonoscopy, it is important to include other food items in your diet. It basically allows the stomach and digestive system of the patient to recover properly. The following are the major food items that the patient should eat after the colonoscopy.

What to eat after Colonoscopy

Clear liquids:

Initially, The patient is not allowed to clear liquids such as water, clear broth, herbal tea, and plain gelatin. This help to hydrate your body and provide some energy without putting stress on your digestive system.

Soft foods:

As the recovery process moves forward, you can start intake of soft and easily digestible foods. Vegetables without skins or seeds, mash potatoes, smooth soups, boil eggs, plain yogurt, and soft meats or fish are general examples of soft foods. These food items are easily digestible by the patient’s stomach.


After a colonoscopy, the balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut may be disrupted due to the bowel preparation process. The patient should eat probiotic-rich foods or take a probiotic supplement to help recover healthy gut flora. Probiotic food includes yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi.

Low-fiber foods:

The doctors recommend the patient consume low-fiber foods for a few days after the colonoscopy. You should also keep in mind what to eat after Colonoscopy and usually the doctors tell the patient to eat low-fiber food for fast recovery. White bread, refined grains, pasta, well-cooked fruits without skins or seeds, and canned fruits are examples of low-fiber foods.

Low-fiber foods


It is important to drink plenty of water and other liquids after a colonoscopy to stay hydrated and help the patient’s body’s fast recovery. The patient can drink water, herbal tea, clear broths, and different fruit juices. The patient knows what to eat after colonoscopy and By drinking plenty of water, other vitamins, and liquids, the patient’s body removes different allergens and sedatives or other medications from the system. You can also drink sports drinks or other beverages that have electrolytes to help regain any important fluid and minerals lost during the procedure.

After a few hours, you can add more solid foods to your diet. However, it is important to start with bland, low-fiber foods that are easy to digest. Some good options are white bread, crackers, plain rice, boiled or baked chicken, and soft vegetables like carrots and green beans.

Which food to avoid after Colonoscopy?

The recovery phase of the Colonoscopy includes prevention from various food items. Actually, it is not limited to food items. There are certain other drinks and smoking items that the patient should avoid for fast recovery of his digestive system. The patient should completely know what to eat after colonoscopy and what he has to avoid after the colonoscopy. Therefore, in prevention all food items and drinks are prohibited that affect the digestive process of the patient.

Let us discuss the food items and drinks that the patient should avoid after the colonoscopy.

Alcohol & Liquor:

For the recovery process to go smoothly, the patient needs to avoid drinking alcohol and liquor for a minimum of one day. As we know, alcohol and liquor have a huge negative impact on the digestive system of a person. So, if you have gone through the process of colonoscopy, you should quit drinking, but if you cannot do so. Then you should definitely stay away from this alcohol and liquor for at least one day so that the digestive system becomes a bit stable.

Alcohol & Liquor

Smoking Items:

Not only prevention for alcohol but smoking should also be avoided for fast recovery after colonoscopy. The patient should exactly have the knowledge of what to eat after colonoscopy and what things he should avoid. Therefore, patients should not do smoking and consume other drugs in the recovery phase of colonoscopy. Cigarettes, cigars, and weed are the prime examples of smoking drugs.

Hard & Junk Food:

Doctors also advise patients to avoid junk food after the colonoscopy. Moreover, the patient should avoid hard food that contains more carbs, fibers, and fewer nutritional food items. Burgers, wraps, cold drinks, and meat with layers are the main examples of junk and hard food. It now depends on the patient what to eat after colonoscopy and what to avoid after the process of cleaning the digestive system.

Hard & Junk Food

What is Colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is basically the process of detecting diseases and infections in the colon of the human body. The process carries out by a small camera that the doctors insert into the colon of the person. The camera attaches to one end of the colonoscope and from the other you can see what’s inside the colon. Moreover, The doctors also check the infection or any disease of the colon through that camera.

The process of colonoscopy is not painful because the patient receives anesthesia before it. However, there are certain medications and preventions that are compulsory after a colonoscopy. The patient should know what to eat after colonoscopy and what to avoid after it.

What is Colonoscopy


What is the best meal after a colonoscopy?

Following is the list of food items that you can eat after the Colonoscopy process. Most of the doctors will also advise you to intake this type of food.

  • White toast or bread
  • Soup
  • Whitefish
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Applesauce
  • Canned or jarred fruit
  • Cooked vegetables
  • Gelatin or pudding

How long after a colonoscopy can you eat normally?

The patient can eat the food the next day after going through the process of colonoscopy. However, there are some precautions that the patient should take before eating and he should know what to eat after colonoscopy. The patient should eat soft and tender food that does not put stress on the stomach of the patient. Therefore, a person should avoid drinking liquor after this surgery.

What can I have for dinner after a colonoscopy?

As we discussed earlier the patient should intake soft food that the stomach can easily digest. In the morning for breakfast, you can take eggs, applesauce, and toast because these items are very to digest for the stomach. Similarly, for dinner, the patient should eat mashed potatoes, tender & Soft chicken, and soft-cooked carrots.

What is the fastest way to recover from a colonoscopy?

For a quick recovery from a colonoscopy, the patient should follow certain instructions regarding food and drinking. Therefore, we will discuss a few tips that help in recovering from this process.

  • The first step to fast recovery from the colonoscopy is the company of your closed one. That can be your family member or friend. It is really helpful for the patient also.
  • The patient should not uplift heavy objects and also should not do tasks that require sheer power. Because it really affects the stomach and colons. So, for quick recovery, this uplifting should be avoided.
  • The patient should be careful about his diet plan. Therefore, he should know what to eat after colonoscopy. Most doctors advise patients to eat soft and healthy food instead of junk or hard food.
  • If the patient drinks water regularly and in good amounts, the recovery process speeds up. Therefore, doctors also suggest the patient drink water in plenty.

Final Thoughts:

There are certain medications and precautions that the patient should take after his colonoscopy. Additionally, a patient should know what to eat after colonoscopy and what to avoid. Doctors usually suggest the patent eat low-fiber, soft, tender, and healthy food after this surgery. The patient should avoid drinking alcohol, hard food, chicken with layers, and junk food for a quick recovery from the colonoscopy.

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