What Are the Standard Window Sizes?

What Are the Standard Window Sizes?

Windows are now needed in every home, hotel, and shop. If your home is not open, then you need the standard window sizes to make the air fresh, otherwise you feel smelly and dry air in your home rooms. You have two ways to buy standard window sizes.

  1. New Standard Windows
  2. Replace Standard Windows

Now first of all, if you are buying a replacement standard window sizes you take the size of the old window and after it, you purchase the Standard Window sizes. Second, if you are buying a new standard window you measure the wall and choose the Simply Standard window sizes.

Standard window sizes

History of Standard Windows sizes

In Asian countries, as early as 100 BC used paper windows, and 2000 years ago Romans had glass windows. After it, the modern-day window in England’s 17th-century glass was replaced with animal horns. But glass windows only buy the wealthy because these windows are so expensive.

In the US, starting in the 19th century, most of the country’s Grecian-style windows were the norm throughout. In The Early 20th century, Standard windows were man-made and available all throughout the country. Not heavy single-pane windows, these windows were made in a simple way.

In the 1950s, windows were Shiny, rectangular, and bare-edged. For protection wood frames were built. At last of the decade, the public introduced the double panel windows

What is meant by standard window sizes?

First of all, if you need to buy a window for any place, there are many sizes of windows available in different shops. Secondly, mostly a few standard window sizes where you easily find and select the window according to their home requirements. Lastly, remember that manufacturers always take off a 1/2 inch on the standard window height and width ranges to ensure successful installation and function. To fix the standard window easily and secure the standard window sizes with scratches the contractors allow the ½ inch.

Moreover, the size of the window is so important to buy a window. For example, the standard size of the double-hung window is 24 wide by 36 tall. You can buy a window for the basement; the window available is only 12 inches wide. The window height and widths mostly depend on the style, which places you fix the window.

How to read the standard window size?

Many standard window manufacturers mostly use the four-digit code to specify window sizes. The window width shows the first two numbers and the height shows the last two numbers. For example, a window size 4864 is 4 feet 8 inches wide and 3 feet 2 inches tall. That is the easiest way to buy the standard window according to your choice. Window size also shows in the planned window as the rough opening or the framed opening. It should be noted when you buy a window to verify the size is referring to the opening and the exact window size.

Moreover, if you are working with your contractor in your home, workplace, or in any place. You just follow the simple rules and measure the standard window size.

  • In three places measure your window width: the top, middle, and bottom. The window width is the smallest number.
  • In three places measure the windows height: the far left, middle, and far right. The window height is the smallest number.

After measuring this, for your accurate measurement, move the sash out of the way. Now you also measure the jamb depth of the window and it confirms it is at least 3 ¼ inches. If not, the new window does not fit at the window place.

Learn more about window measurement.  Your contract with the store, brand, or contractor you will be ordering there. They will take on the self-take measurement and order the correct window size.

Types of Standard Window Sizes

The type of window is important for the size of the window. There are mostly 7 types of windows which you get. Each standard window has a different size.

Single-hung standard window sizes

The single huge window has one sash to move. This sash is vertical. To let Air in, just pulled the sash up. Never move the top of the window. This standard window is commonly used and known as a standard window. Single Hung windows are mostly used in bathrooms, up and lower floors. These windows can easily be washed down and cleaned.

  • The width of the window: 24 to 40 inches
  • The height of the window: 24 to 60 inches

Double-hung standard window sizes

Double-hung standard windows are expensive. These windows have two sashes, and they can easily move up and down. This sash is vertical. The top sash remains close at their place and the bottom sash is open. These windows are very useful to open the half window. Double-hung standard windows mostly fix on upper and lower floors, common areas, bedrooms, or in any room. These windows can easily wash and are easy to clean.

  • The width of the window: 24 to 40 inches
  • The height of the window: 24 to 60 inches

Double-hung standard window sizes

Picture standard window sizes

Picture windows are designed to allow more light in rooms. The picture window has no sash and they are fixed in place. This type of window remains at her place and never moves. It has a beautiful frame that presents the views outside in a picture frame, with picture fixes on a wall. Picture a standard window you cannot fix in any place. You can fix this window as a place where you don’t need the air because this window does not have a moving part. Picture window has a large window. Mostly you fix this window in the living room and as like an area where you want the natural feeling and light.

  • The width of the window: 28 to 52 inches
  • The height of the window: 12 to 96 inches

Sliding standard window size

Sliding standard windows are similar to single and double-hung windows. This window also has two sashes but these sashes move horizontally. In some sliding windows both sashes are moveable but in some sliding windows have only one operable sash. These windows are very popular and useable. Picture standard windows can easily be fixed in every room, bathroom, bedroom, dining area, kitchen, and basement. Those windows provide a great look.

  • The width of the window: 36 to 84 inches
  • The height of the window: 24 to 60 inches

Sliding standard window size

Casement standard window size

The Casement standard windows are easily open by side like a door. Casement windows have one, Two, or more sashes. This window is affordable and high-end. This window has a vertical size. Casement windows you can fix them in the kitchen behind the sink because these windows have not a sash and also fix it in bathrooms.

  • The width of the window: 12 to 36 inches
  • The height of the window: 24 to 48 inches

Casement standard window size

Bay standard window size

The Bay standard window is just like a picture So this window is more attractive due to its design and ornate features. Bay window has more unique architectural characteristics than standard double-hung windows and also allows much light in the room. This window provides a pretty look in the room. Bay standard windows you can fix in kitchens but you can fix them in any room, these windows are large and very expensive.

  • The width of the window: 12 to 36 inches
  • The height of the window: 24 to 48 inches

Bay standard window size

Awning standard windows size

The Awning standard windows are easily hinged at the top. This window easily opens outside. Awning windows are very easily open and closed. On a rainy day, you can open this window. It is waterproof and when you open it hinged at the top like an umbrella so rainwater could come inside. Awning standard windows you fix at the place where you always open the area and fix it in higher places like bathrooms or a kitchen.

  • The width of the window: 12 to 96 inches
  • The height of the window: 12 to 60 inches


What is meant by the standard window?

Standard windows are very unique and designed by the designer as all types of windows have their own size. You could not fix your room window in the kitchen. These windows are uniquely designed.

Which type of standard window is best?

All standard windows have their own place due to their use. But, casement windows are considered better than double-hung windows. Casement windows are very useful when you want to keep your room cool. This window is not very expensive.

The price of a standard window?

You have different types of standard windows which have different prices as like:

Names of windows Average price of windows

Double-hung window $150 to $400

Triple-hung window $550 to $2000

Why do we use the window?

Windows is very useful in homes, hotels, shops even in all places. Firstly, you use the windows to refresh  all areas for fresh air and delight. Secondly, windows also increase the beauty of places. Thirdly, if your homes have no windows you could not hear the prayer of the mosques. Lastly, you also enjoy the natural moment in different seasons and enjoy the beauty of the moon at night to make yourself happy.

What is the meaning of a window sash?

Window sash means, containing a frame, glass, and smaller parts. The sash is the main part of the window that you slide up, down, and also side to side. Without a sash window is not a window.

What is the meaning of a window sash

Conclusion about Standard window sizes

When you buy the window you have to take care about the window sizes. You must measure the window size and frame size otherwise you have to face many problems with the window.

If you purchase the new standard window for a new place to fix the window you measure the size of the rough and frame place. If you purchase the only inside frame, then your window will not  fix in the window place.

Moreover, if you purchase the new window for replacement you may only buy the frame to save your money.

When you order the window you also keep in mind to avoid too much space between the window frame and the opening.

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