7 Types Of Witches And Their Craft

7 Types Of Witches And Their Craft

I see when someone talks about Types of witches they fear. While, when I think about witches, an elderly lady raised in my mind from Tom and Jerry cartoons character, scary and green-skinned with a long Beak nose. It’s funny to imagine Tom and Jerry’s witch held in reality, I am right?

However, there are many types of witches in every religion. Witches around the world from the 20th century. Since the 20th century in every state in the world, many villages or cities are blessed with those gifted people who can prevent evil eyes, illness, and the shadow of demons, pray for rain and can talk with ghosts and good spirits, and many other tasks can perform.

Moreover, you notice that every witches lives alone, and never wears imaginary dresses like black outfits, black beak hats, and wooden or any other broomsticks. Although, in the present world various witches have online accounts like witch influencers or WitchTok and many others.

So, here are some witch types to learn more about to familiarize you with witches.

The most powerful types of witches

If you are thinking about becoming a witch and you are not sure which witchcraft suits your personality? So below all types of witches listed you can explore and notice all types with a whisper in your ears. Afterward, I’ll tell you which tools are required for witchcraft, so let’s come to the first type of witch:

1. Green Types of Witches

One of the most popular types of witches is the green witch. As maybe you understand from the name, these witches heal people from nature, herbs, flowers, and many other healing plants.

You might be thinking about being a green witch if you are a nature lover and want to spend time lonely with nature.

Green Types of Witches

2. Sea Types of Witches

Another famous type is the sea witch. Live close to the sea, water boosts the power of sea witches. They have a special connection with the ocean and earth. They do witchcraft through shells, sand, salt, sea wood, and seawater.

It’s not all about the sea, as I say above water boosts the power of sea witches, she can boost her power with river, lake, or waterfall water as well.

So you can find them around the sea and any other water places near your home.

Sea Types of Witches

3. Kitchen Types of Witches

As a kitchen expert maybe you are also a kitchen witch because making delicious food using multiple ingredients is a magical experience.

In a kitchen witch, you can supply food in your home and also apply various remedies which are helpful to prevent illness and other diseases.

So when you stand in the kitchen, make sure to add love and attention it will give you a magical taste.

Kitchen Types of Witches

4. Elemental Types of witches

Becoming a witch is not as simple as you accepted after reading kitchen-type witch. This elemental witch is most powerful in their qualities. Their power lies in five major elements:

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Spirit
  • Air

Although, element witches invoke the power from these major five elements. They are using all these elements during witch’s crafts.

Elemental Types of witches

5. Crystal Types of Witch

Most people believe that crystals and some specific stone help to prevent stress, evil ayes, bad luck, and many others. Moreover, every stones and crystal have its energies and qualities.

However, witches can see the features of people in a crystal it’s another belief strategy in Europe.

As a crystal witches, they can prevent many bad energies through gems and crystals.

Crystal Types of Witch

6. Gray Types of Witches

Gary Witches is a mixture of white/light magic and black magic. White magic help to overcome illness and other problems, simply we can say that it’s good magic. Rather than black magic it might do for harm people and spread negative vibes.

However, gray witches never do positive or negative magic crafts. They intend to keep balance in the world they never harm people and do not do any light magic as well.

Gray Types of Witches

7. Coven Types of witches

Another type of which is a coven, 13 witches make a group together and so black magic craft. One witch is a leader witch in the coven.

They learn many other magic crafts from each other and share knowledge and experience and make powerful magic charms and manifestations.

Coven Types of witches

Which material is you need to become a witch?

  • Athame
  • Wand
  • Little cauldron or chalice
  • Candles Incense Crystals
  • Different plants and flowers
  • Useful substances
  • Motivating pictures
  • Notes are written by hand (perhaps statements)
  • Oracle cards or tarot cards
  • Stones, gems, and crystals
  • A little journal (also known as your book of shadows) to note your magic experience.

Pick all the material according to your witch selection and interest and find the appropriate location. See the above types of witches according to your location.

Although, do more practice before doing magic for someone or yourself. More and more practice will help to enhance your power qualities and confidence to achieve target goals.

Final Thought:

No matter who you are or where you are in your witchcraft path, I hope this above list has provided you with better guidance and a detailed introduction to magic crafts.

I just to be clear, being a witch is not actually about having magical abilities, using magic charms, or engaging in formal procedures. It’s more about your inner peace and the things you choose to believe in.

I am not recommending you to all the above materials and don’t use any other powers without intention and practice, it’s just an informative article. However, if you are serious to become a witch make sure get proper information about choosing types of witches and practice once a day. So bookmark it as a guide.

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