Trazodone for Dogs: How Does It Work and When Is It Prescribed?

Trazodone for Dogs: How Does It Work and When Is It Prescribed?

Pets usually dogs are very tough to handle and control during their stress and anxiety periods. It becomes quite challenging for the owner to take care of the dogs that go through such a phase in their life. During this time period, some dogs tend to stay alone while some hate to do so. Therefore, Trazodone for dogs is a perfect medicine for those who are battling depression and anxiety.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits, side effects, dosage, and overdose problems of Trazodone medicine.

What is Trazodone For Dogs?

Trazodone is basically a medicine that is used to treat anxiety, stress, and depression in dogs. Therefore, Trazodone for dogs is an excellent medication whenever they feel low and alone. This medicine actually releases hormones in the body of the dog which later causes insomnia. In this state of insomnia, dogs really feel asleep and this actually lowers their depressing and stressful elements.

In this way, Trazodone medicine is not only effective for lowering the stress and anxiety elements but also helps the dogs to recover and better their sleep disorders. Trazodone for dogs works fast and does a quick reaction in the body to calm the dogs.

What is Trazodone For Dogs?

What are the uses & benefits of Trazodone for Dogs?

Let us discuss the major uses and benefits of the Trazodone tablet for dogs.

  • As we have discussed earlier, Trazodone for dogs is to treat sleep disorders, anxiety, and stress in dogs. Therefore, it helps your fluffy friend to get out of the mood and stress to some extent.
  • Furthermore, Trazodone medicine also helps dogs to get a night of much-needed sleep. As this medicine works and reacts fast, it quickly puts the dog to deep sleep.
  • Moreover, after waking up the dog feels more refreshed and relaxed. It means that this medicine also has some relaxing effects on the dogs.
  • Furthermore, dogs also have stress by traveling or sitting in a vehicle, this medicine also treats this stress of dogs also.
  • Some fluffy friends also have a noise phobia and Trazodone for dogs also helps them to get rid of this phobia.
  • Moreover, a dog is a loyal animal and also hates to be alone from its owner. Whenever this happens the dogs often go into depression and stress. Therefore, doctors recommend Trazodone medicine for them to get better.
  • We can conclude that stress of any kind like vet visiting stress, separation stress, or any other kind of stress is treatable with the help of Trazodone Medicine.

What are the uses & benefits of Trazodone for Dogs?

Potential Drawbacks of Trazodone for Dogs:

Following are the potential drawbacks and risks that are involved if you give your dog the Trazodone Tablet for sleep or insomnia.

  • Every medication has the potential to cause side effects in individual animals. However, all drugs are closely checked and any adverse effects must be noted to ensure their safety.
  • The possible harmful outcomes of taking any medicine can range from mild symptoms like lethargy, vomiting, or diarrhea to more severe signs such as the risk of an allergic reaction.
  • However, Trazodone for dogs has a reaction time that is quite small. Therefore, the side effects and adversaries due to this drug are quite minor. If you detect any indication that your dog is not feeling okay while taking trazodone, it becomes very important for you to consult with your veterinarian immediately.
  • The probable negative effects of trazodone medicine include



Dilation of Pupils



Loose Coordination

More appetite





Potential Drawbacks of Trazodone for Dogs

What is the dosage manual of Trazodone for Dogs?

Generic trazodone tablets come in doses of 50mg, 100mg, 150mg, and 300mg. In some states, a written prescription may be required to obtain this medication for your pet; alternatively, your veterinarian can call it a local pharmacy. The correct dosage should be determined by veterinarians based on the dog’s medical history and potential drug interactions. For chronic behavioral issues like separation anxiety, dogs should be dosed based on their weight at one to three milligrams per pound of body weight.

Depending on specific situations such as when you cannot predict thunderstorms but know that they trigger fear in your dog– the dose may need adjustments or repetition. Summer days with little chance of storms occurring overnight might require lower daily doses while higher dosages should only come into play during severe weather predictions at night-time for optimal effectiveness.

What is the dosage manual of Trazodone for Dogs?

Is it safe to use Trazodone for Dogs?

Yes, it is safe to use Trazodone medicine for your dogs to prevent them from permanently becoming ill due to stress. This medicine is not subjected to particular types of stress. It means that if dogs have any stress whether it is due to separation from the owner, due to visiting the vet, or due to sitting in a vehicle or traveling, Trazodone for dogs is an excellent option to pick for treating this stress and anxiety issue.

However, it is also important for the owner to note down the amount and dosage of this medicine before giving it to the dog. An overdose can cause various health damages to your pet.

What if there is an overdose of Trazodone for Dogs?

An overdose of sedatives like trazodone can be extremely dangerous, causing harmful side effects such as excessive sleepiness. It is essential to avoid giving your pet more medication than recommended by your vet at all costs. Taking too much trazodone can result in severe side effects such as seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, high body temperature, drooling, incoordination, and even death.

High amounts of trazodone or its use with similar drugs may lead to serotonin syndrome which requires immediate veterinary attention. If you think that your dog has overdosed on this medication or is exhibiting symptoms of serotonin syndrome. It becomes crucial to seek advice and treatment from a veterinarian immediately or take them to an emergency pet clinic without delay.


How sleepy does trazodone make dogs?

As most of stress relieving and depressants are sedatives. Therefore, your dog can feel sleepy and drowsy after taking Trazodone for dog medicine.

How quickly does trazodone work for dogs?

If you are looking for short-period effects, this medicine will affect the dog in 1 to 2 hours. But for longer-period effects, this medicine will take around from a few weeks to a few months for permanent results.

How much trazodone is OK for a dog?

According to veterinary doctors, trazodone for dogs should be 2 to 3.5 mg per pound of the weight of the dog. It means that if your 50-pound pet is feeling stressed and under depression, you can provide him with a dose of 100 to 150 mg. Always, keep in mind that a dose of Trazodone will affect your dog.

Is 50mg of trazodone a lot for a dog?

The amount actually depends on the weight of your dog. Vets often recommend 2-3.5 mg of Trazodone for each pound of your dog. It means that this dose of 50 mg is perfect for dogs who weigh around 20 to 25 pounds.

Final Take:

Trazodone for dogs helps them to get rid of various types of stress and depression. Dogs usually get very depressed and it becomes very tough for the owners to manage and control them. Therefore, Trazodone medicine actually does the trick to settle down the fluffy friend. Furthermore, it also has some adverse effects if you do not manage the dosage properly. In addition, it is necessary for the owner to know how much dose is necessary for his pet and what amount he should give to his dog according to his age and weight.


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