Simparica Trio side effects, Dosage Instructions, Safety & cost

Simparica Trio side effects, Dosage Instructions, Safety & cost

Simparica Trio is a beneficial drug that protects dogs from various kinds of intestinal diseases and infections. However, its overuse or misuse can cause various diseases and health issues for your pet. In this article, we will discuss the Simparica Drug, its dosage, instructions, and Simparica Trio side effects.

What is Simparica Trio?

Simparica Trio is basically a medicine in the form of chewing gum that helps dogs avoid various types of heartworm disease. These diseases include intestinal parasites, ticks, and fleas. A monthly dose of Simparica Trio prevents the dogs from such diseases for 35 days. However, there are certain Simparica Trio side effects that one should know.

Simparica Trio’s name comes from basically a combination of three drugs that form Simparica. Zoetis is the brand that manufactures this drug for dogs. However, you can only get this drug for the shop after a prescription from a vet doctor. The three drugs that makeup Simparica are;

  • Moxidectin
  • Sarolaner
  • Pyrantel Pamoate

Each drug has its own functionality and works in the body to fight against certain diseases.

What is Simparica Trio


The moxidectin drug in Simparica Trio medicine actually kills the parasite by paralyzing it. A parasite heartworm larvae is present in the intestine and this drug kills it and avoids the dog from intestinal infection. This drug belongs to the macrocyclic lactone class of drugs.


Sarolaner drug is actually an insecticide that targets mites and other 5 types of fleas. Moreover, this drug belongs to the isoxazoline class of drugs and its way of working is a bit strange. This drug basically causes various types of neuromuscular activities in the body that lead to the ultimate death of mites and fleas. But you may notice Simparica Trio side effects with its misuse.

The fleas that this drug fight are following,

  • Lone Star Tick
  • Gulf Coast Tick
  • Deer Tick
  • American dog Tick
  • Brown dog Tick

Pyrantel Pamoate:

The purpose of this drug is to kill the hookworms and roundworms in the body of the dog. This drug actually kills these worms by paralyzing them. Pyrantel Pamoate belongs to the tetra hydro pyrimidine class of drugs.

What are the possible Simparica Trio side effects?

We already discussed the working and benefits that Simparica Trio drug has. However, let us move to the Simparica Trio Side Effects that can harm your teddy bear dog. Misuse of this drug can lead to a dog with the following health problems;


One major detriment and side effect of the Simparica Trio drug is that your dog becomes lethargic with time. Moreover, your furry friend might start doing physical activities and always feel dizzy. Hence, his body posture and daily life routine may be disturbed. Therefore, you must consult your vet to check if the Simparica Trio has affected your dog.


Enhanced Drinking or Urination:

Among the major Simparica Trio side effects, one is an increased rate of drinking and peeing by the dog. If you notice such aching in your dog and you are also giving him the Simparica Trio drug, you should immediately stop giving this drug.


Vomiting is also one of the Simparica Trio side effects. Instead of killing the mites and fleas, this drug can react oppositely to your dog. So, it will cause vomiting in your pet.


If you are giving this drug to prevent your dog from intestinal diseases and infection, and you notice your dog is slowly becoming ill, there is a great chance, your dog is suffering from Diarrhea. This health condition is due to the Simparica Trio side effects.

Hyper Activity:

Similarly, if you notice a sharp change in the activity level of your dog, it is actually a symptom of hyperactivity. The Simparica drug if misused as an overdose can cause this condition in your dog.

Loss of Appetite:

Finally, loss of appetite is also among the Simparica Trio side effects. If your dog’s food intake has significantly decreased, there are chances of him battling with the side effects of the Simparica Trio drug.

Is it safe to use the Simparica Trio drug on all dogs?

Simparica Trio is a great option for your furry friend, as long as they weigh at least 2.8 pounds and are at least eight weeks old. However, it’s important to note that this product hasn’t been tested on pregnant or lactating dogs, nor has it been tested on breeding dogs. However, Simparica Trio side effects are also

To ensure the safety of your pup, doctors recommend that you test them for heartworm disease before administering any heartworm prevention medication like Simparica Trio. This is because these medications do not kill adult heartworms and may worsen the condition if already present. If your dog does test positive for heartworms, close veterinary supervision is required while being treated with Simparica Trio.

If your dog has a history of seizures, it’s important to exercise caution when giving them Simparica Trio. Moreover, you should also be aware of Simparica Trio side effects. This is because medications belonging to the isoxazoline class have been associated with neurological reactions such as tremors, seizures, and ataxia in both epileptic and non-epileptic canines alike.

Is it safe to use the Simparica Trio drug on all dogs

Cost of a Simparica Trio drug:

Simparica Trio is available at a cost of $22-$30 per dose, depending on the tablet size and purchase location. You can purchase it in packs of six or 12 doses, but vets may sell individual doses to those with growing puppies.

If you are picking a 12-pack, it is more budget-friendly than purchasing individual doses or six-packs. While online pharmacies also give lower prices. However, Zoetis only guarantees product quality when you purchase it directly through your vet’s clinic or online pharmacy.

However, Simparica Trio side effects also have major health issues.

To ensure your dog’s safety, it’s crucial to have annual physical exams and tests that vets recommend. Because if your dog has negative test results for heartworm disease, Lyme disease, hookworms, fleas infestation, and roundworms and still develops any of these issues.

Dosage & Instructions regarding Simparica Trio:

Simparica Trio is an effective monthly oral medication that requires adherence to the recommended minimum doses. The ideal dosage hinges on your dog’s weight, with a range of 0.54 milligrams of Sarolaner, 0.011 milligrams of moxidectin, and 2.27 milligrams of pyrantel per pound of body weight.

This product comes in six different sizes that cater to various body weight ranges: Gold for dogs weighing between 2.8–5.5 pounds; Purple for those between 5.6–11 pounds; Caramel for weights between 11.1–22 pounds; Blue for weights ranging from 22.1–44 pounds; Green for weights ranging from 44.-88 pounds, and Brown for dogs weighing between 88.–132 pounds.

Your furry friend can take Simparica Trio with or without food since it comes in a chewable tablet form that most dogs enjoy. It is necessary to ensure that your pet eats the entire dose to guarantee full protection against heartworms.

In case you miss a dose, there is no need to panic contact it immediately and resume monthly dosing as usual. You should track the dosage otherwise it will lead to Simparica Trio side effects.

However, if your dog goes more than one month without their heartworm prevention medication, there’s a possibility they may have already been infected by heartworm larvae. Then, it will require testing after roughly six months when the larvae become mature enough to show up on tests.

Dosage & Instructions regarding Simparica Trio


Why is my dog acting weird after Simparica?

Your dog may behave weirdly if you are giving any medicine among these medicines Credelio, Nexgard, the flea and tick preventatives Bravecto, and Simparica. According to the FDA, these medicines have the potential to cause situations like seizures, attacks, and stumbling to your pet.

What is the warning about SIMPARICA TRIO?

The use of Simparica Trio can lead to different neurological issues for your dog. These issues are seizures, tremors, and twitching in your dog. Furthermore, it is not necessary that your dog should have a neurological problem history. These situations can occur anytime.

Moreover, these symptoms are for normal dogs. There has been no testing on pregnant, or breeding dogs. Dogs tend to vomit and suffer from diarrhea during clinical trials.

What are the warnings for Simparica for dogs?

For dogs older than 6 months, Simparica is somehow safe to use. But there are certain warnings that you must keep in mind before giving Simparica to your dogs. You should know the Simparica trio side effects which are tremors, seizures, attacks, and twitching.

How do I detox my dog from SIMPARICA TRIO?

You can easily detox your dog from Simparica Trio Side effects by giving him thistle milk. This should be done twice a day and give 250mg to 500mg of milk. Moreover, this process should carry on for up to 3 to 4 weeks. Furthermore, adding a teaspoon of coconut oil and a few drops of fish oil will also do the work.

On to Final Notes:

Simparica Trio side effects and benefits are equally important for your pet. In case, you notice any weakness diseases and you are given this drug. There are high chances of this drug reaction that causes vomiting, lethargy, loss of appetite, and other health concerns for your dog.

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