Ronnie Mcnutt Suicide: Viral Video & Public Reaction on Social Media

Ronnie Mcnutt Suicide: Viral Video & Public Reaction on Social Media

People all around the world were in shock and disturbing condition after watching Ronnie Mcnutt suicide video. The video went viral very quickly and Ronnie’s friends were very concerned. The 33-year-old American shot himself with a rifle in his home while doing a livestream on the social media site, Facebook.

In this blog, Let us discuss the whole scenario of this suicide, who was Ronnie Mcnutt, and what prompted him to do so that too on a live stream.

How did Ronnie Mcnutt Suicide?

According to his friends who were also present on that live stream, they used to do live streams quite often. Everything was going pretty normal that day. However, one of their friends noticed that Ronnie is carrying a shotgun. That friend’s name was Josh Steen. Steen became a bit worried when he further noticed that Ronnie was drinking, talking with toxicity, and he was also talking about suicide.

After that, Ronnie Mcnutt’s phone rang and he picked it up. During the live stream around 200 people were watching them. Ronnie received the call and he talked to the person on the phone for some time. After putting the phone away, he just shot himself in the chin. Everyone who was watching that livestream became terrified.

How did Ronnie Mcnutt Suicide?

Ronnie’s Friends called him to check whether he was playing some pranks. But soon they realized that Ronnie Mcnut actually shot himself and he was dead. Josh Steen during the live stream reported it to Facebook so Facebook should stop the stream. However, the response from Facebook was that they did not notice anything unusual that was against the community guideline. So, the stream continued, and soon after Ronnie Mcnutt suicide happened.

Ronnie’s Friend Joshua Steen immediately informed the Police about the incident. So, police reached the place and evacuated the nearby people and place. Later on, police said that the phone was still ringing in his room. And that shot took the life of a 33 year Veteran Army officer.

People who were watching the live stream immediately recorded it and started posting it on other social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. And soon Ronnie Mcnutt suicide video became viral.

Ronnie Mcnutt’s last words:

When the Police checked his recording and phone properly, they noted down the final words that Ronnie Mcnutt said in his stream. His last words were, “Someone in your life needs to hear that they matter. That they are loved. That they have a future. Be the one to tell them.” Two days after this incident, the family members, and friends laid down Ronnie Mcnutt in a cemetery near his hometown in Mississippi.

Who was Ronnie Mcnutt?

Ronnie Mcnutt was an ex-Army officer for the United States of America. He was born on May 23, 1987. Ronnie served the US Army in the battle in Iraq. However, his mental condition was not stable and due to this he had to leave the US Army. Later on, he started working in the manufacturing plant of a famous Auto company, Toyota. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he lost his.

As we discussed earlier that he was battling with mental diseases like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety, and the loss of his job made his mental health more stressful. Recently, he was also suffering because of his breakup with his girlfriend.

All these factors contributed to Ronnie Mcnutt Suicide. Further, his final words also indicated how he was going through a tough and rough patch in his life. All these factors forced him to take his life.

Who was Ronnie Mcnutt?

Ronnie Mcnutt Suicide became viral on social media:

As the people saw the live suicide video of Ronnie Mcnutt, they started posting on various social media platforms. The news was really shocking for people all around the world. Therefore, the public shared this video everywhere, and in no time it became a headline all around the world.

Many kids and children under 18 years old watched this video on TikTok. However, Josh Steen asked people to stop spreading videos of Ronnie Mcnutt suicide. But it was too late and it spread like wildfire in a forest. Facebook first did not remove the video stating that it was under the community guidelines. But later on, accepted their mistake and removed the video.

In the meantime, the video of this suicide went viral on various other Social media platforms like TikTok and Youtube. In a matter of a few hours, there were various videos regarding this suicide circulating on these forums. These platforms actually consider their algorithms very powerful that can detect such videos immediately. But in this case, it did not happen and the platforms later removed the videos after people had violent reactions.

Public Response to Ronnie Mcnutt Suicide:

People when saw the video of Ronnie Mcnutt suicide, they became very worried. Because it was really a terrifying thing to see someone shooting in his face. They really reported the video to the platform so they should remove it. According to a survey, around 18 Million daily users on the TikTok platform are kids that are under 14 years.

Such videos will deeply affect their mind. On the other hand, this video was trending and was on the “For You” page of this platform. People, especially parents, strictly reported the video to Youtube and TikTok to remove the video as soon as possible.

However, people also showed their grief at the death of 33-year-old Ronnie. They also encouraged other people to stop spreading the videos of Ronnie Mcnutt suicide.

What do Ronnie’s Friends have to say about Ronnie Mcnutt Suicide videos?

Ronnie’s Freidn Joshua Steen became very disappointed because of the people and social media apps that actually spread the video of suicide. Steen was very angry on Facebook who first refused to stop the stream. For proof, Steen also showed the response that Facebook gave to his query of closing the live stream because of suicidal thoughts.

Furthermore, he said, “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms could ban accounts, IPs, and stop the spread of this video. YouTube can flag you for using two seconds of a copyrighted song, but can’t seem to filter out my friend ending his life.”

He further stated that actually the dark web was behind the viral spread of this video. Moreover, said the person made many accounts with Anoynyomius’s name just to post the video of Ronnie Mcnutt suicide. Furthermore, people started tagging the original Instagram account of Ronnie Mcnutt and shared the videos and images of his suicide.

Steen also blamed the Social media apps for their double standards of removing irrelevant videos and photos. Therefore, he said models do nude shoots, and whenever, they post on social media, these platforms quickly remove them because they do not suit their community guidelines, But Ronnie shooting himself in the face was not against their community guidelines. He further said that therefore these platforms first promoted the video to gain more viewership on their platform.

What do Ronnie’s Friends have to say about Ronnie Mcnutt Suicide videos?

Final Note:

Ronnie Mcnutt suicide video went viral and people found it very disturbing. Ronnie was an ex-Army officer and was going through a depressing state of mind in his life. Therefore, he took his life in front of many people watching him on Facebook Livestream. Soon, this video became a highlight of news all around the world. Ronnie’s friends became very disappointed due to the people and social media apps that help in spreading the video of Ronnie’s Suicide.


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