How to Watch and Install Paramount Plus/PS4

How to Watch and Install Paramount Plus/PS4

Paramount Plus provides a great entertainment source whether it is sports, Tv shows, and other entertaining channels. After your subscription to Paramount Plus/PS4, you can have access to thousands of entertainment shows and channels. This platform provides a complete adventurous and entertaining package in the comfort of your home.

In this article, we will discuss the streaming procedure, the steps involved in this procedure, salient features, the subscription model, and the devices that are compatible with this entertaining OTT platform.

What is Paramount Plus/PS4?

Paramount Plus is a popular streaming and OTT platform where the user can have access to unlimited TV shows, Sports channels, and live streaming of various events. The thing that makes this platform unique and superior to other OTT platforms is its variety and quality of content. Furthermore, there are various other quality features that you will come to know later in this article.

However, this OTT platform is compatible with various options devices, but Paramount Plus/PS4 is a perfect combination. Although Paramount Plus is currently not accessible on PlayStation 5, one can enjoy the ultimate features and content of this streaming platform on play station 4.

To enjoy it on PlayStation 4, you need to set up your device and there are certain steps involved in this procedure. Moreover, this platform is not free and the user has to pay a certain subscription fee. All these important points will be covered in this article in proper detail.

What is Paramount Plus/PS4?

How to stream on Paramount Plus/PS4?

Now, let us get into the details of the streaming procedure and how you can access the content of the Paramount Plus streaming platform. There are three major points that are involved in this process.

  • Install the Paramount Plus Application on your PlayStation 4.
  • Registration and Login Process on Paramount Plus/PS4.
  • Subscription process.

Now let us discuss each step of this process in more detail.

1. Install the Paramount Plus Application on your PlayStation 4

The first step is installing the Paramount Plus application on your PlayStation. For this process, you need to follow the steps that we will discuss below.

  • First of all, set up your PS4 and connect a fast and stable internet connection with your PlayStation 4.
  • Now, click on the PlayStation store to access the Paramount Plus application. Because you can find this application on the PS store. This application is compatible with PlayStation 4.
  • Now, open the search bar option from the PlayStation store. Now, write Paramount Plus in that search bar.
  • After that click on the search option. Now, you can see the Paramount Plus app. With this app, you can see the option of “Download.”
  • By clicking on this option, you can download and install the Paramount Plus/PS4 on your PlayStation. The process can take some time because this installation process is a bit time taking.
  • Now, after the installation process is complete, you can access the application but you cannot play any show or live streaming because you have to first register yourself and pay the subscription fee.

Install the Paramount Plus Application on your PlayStation 4

2. Registration and Login Process on Paramount Plus/PS4

  • For the registration process, first of all, you have to click on the “Sign up” option on the app.
  • After clicking on that option, you will have age asking for your credentials like email and password.
  • Later on, you will receive a pin on the email that you provided earlier. Now, enter that in and your account will be verified.
  • After that, Click on the “Login” option and again enter your email and password for login.
  • Finally, you are all set for the subscription fee and one step away from accessing exciting content like live streaming of matches and shows from CBS and Paramount Productions.

Registration and Login Process on Paramount Plus/PS4

3. Subscription process

  • Moving on to the subscription process, you will have two options Essential and Premium.
  • You can select the best option that meets your requirement on Paramount Plus/PS4.
  • After selecting your preferred plan, you need to click on the “Select Plan” option under that plan. Now, you also have to add your payment method to the Paramount Plus application.
  • When your card will be attached, the amount of the subscription plan will also be deducted from your attached account.
  • That is all, now you have access to the Paramount Plus/PS4.

What is the subscription plan for Paramount Plus/PS4?

Let us discuss the subscription plans briefly and what you will get upon subscribing to the particular plan among these.

Essential Plan:

The Essential Plan is an economical plan in terms of money but you can have the necessary feature on access. This plan will cost you $4.99 monthly and you will also get an extra 7-day free trial of Paramount Plus/PS4. Now, the following list tells what you can access while subscribing to this plan.

  • Access to live streaming of UEFA Champions League Matches
  • Live Coverage of the Nation Football League of the United States of America.
  • Thousands of episodes of your favorite TV shows and Movies from CBS and Paramount productions.
  • Access to News 24 x7 from the CBS channel.
  • Only a limited amount of Ads during the live streaming of content.

Essential Plan

Premium Plan:

The Premium Plan is the ultimate plan that can give you permission of accessing each and every piece of content on this platform. Therefore, with access to so many features, this plan will cost you around $9.99. Similarly, you will also get an extra 7-day free trial of the premium features of this platform. Following are the major benefits that you will get after subscribing to the premium plan of Paramount Plus.

  • Thousands of episodes of your favorite TV shows and Movies from CBS and Paramount productions.
  • No ads except during the live streaming of matches and some other shows.
  • Live coverage of Soccer games and various other games on Paramount Plus/PS4.
  • Offline downloading feature so that you can enjoy the content when you are offline or have no internet connection.
  • Access to News 24 x7 from the CBS channel.
  • Live Coverage of the Nation Football League of the United States of America from the CBS channel.

Features of Paramount Plus/PS4:

Following are the key features that you can enjoy after a successful subscription to Paramount Plus/PS4.

  • Multiple devices access, you can use this Paramount Plus application with your account on three different devices simultaneously.
  • Furthermore, parents can select the channels and content that they want their children to watch on Paramount Plus/PS4.
  • Users can reach up to more than 10 thousand episodes from the vast library of this platform.
  • Moreover, the user can also have access to high-quality and Original Tv shows and series on the Paramount Plus application.

Features of Paramount Plus/PS4

Compatibility of Paramount with Other Devices:

Paramount Plus streaming platform has compatibility with a wide range of devices. One can access this platform on different devices like Tablets, iPads, Smartphones, iPhones, and laptops. No matter which operating system these devices have, Paramount Plus is equally reachable through iOS and Android devices.

Furthermore moving onto other devices, Paramount Plus/PS4 is also reachable by devices like Apple TVs, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, and Fire TV. Now, if you are wondering about the browsers which are compatible with this application, these browsers are macOS, Chrome OS and Windows PC.


Can I watch Paramount Plus on PS4?

If you are looking to modify your subscription plan for Paramount Plus/PS4 or PS5, there are a few steps you can take. It is important to note that you won’t be able to make these changes directly on your console. Instead, head over to

Why can’t I find the Paramount Plus app on PS4?

To begin streaming Paramount Plus, ensure that your smart TV and PlayStation 4 are connected to Wi-Fi. Once they are both online, navigate to the Main Menu of your PlayStation 4 and locate the PlayStation Store. From there, browse the Apps section until you find Paramount Plus/PS4.

Why does Paramount Plus run slow on PS4?

For an optimal streaming experience on Paramount Plus, it’s recommended that you have an internet connection with a minimum speed of 4 Mbps. To check if your internet is fast enough, consider using a website such as for an accurate reading. Slow speeds may lead to buffering or lagging while streaming content from this platform.

Bottom Line:

Paramount Plus/PS4 offers an impressive catalog of entertainment options including movies, TV shows, live sports, and news broadcasts. It is definitely worth giving this service a try to see how much it has to offer. This article provides easy-to-follow steps for PS4 users who want to access Paramount Plus/PS4 without any compatibility issues with their console. By following these instructions, you’ll be able to take full advantage of all the amazing features that this platform has in store for its viewers.


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