Moto X3M Unblocked Playing Online Game

Moto X3M Unblocked Playing Online Game

Moto X3M Unblocked Playing online games has become very easy. The reason is that many websites provide the opportunity to play games. Playing games both online and offline is a beneficial pastime for many people across the world when they feel bored, tense, in stress, and also in a mood for fun.

Moto X3M Unblocked is a racing game. If you like to play a racing game, then you must play this game due to its high speed. Moto Unblocked has no restrictions or limitations. You can play this game in any place like school or any workplace.

Moto X3M Unblocked

What is meant by Moto X3M Unblocked?

Moto X3M unblocked game is an online time-trial bike racing game. This game has 22 levels and each level has new challenges. During the game, you can perform awesome stunts and if you perform the air stunt it saves your time. The more you are rewarded the more you play the game dangerously. The challenge is to cross the finish line within as little time as possible. Every level presents a different set of challenges that put your reaction time, accuracy, and strategic thinking to the test.

Moreover, as you quickly finish the track you will gain more stars. If you need to upgrade your Motorbike, then you need these stars. You have to earn at least 1 to 3 stars on every level challenge. Each level includes a particular time that the player must reach if they want to get 3 stars. After a few levels will push you to be ideal if you want to obtain 3 stars, but the earlier few levels are very simple to get stars.

History of Moto X3M Unblocked

The game was developed by the MadPuffers. In 2016, an online flash version of the Moto X3M was initially made available. After it, this game was converted by the game development team Madpuffers into an HTML5 game.

The first installment of the Moto X3M versions, also includes as follows:

  • Moto X3M Winter
  • Moto X3M 5 Pool party
  • Moto X3M Spooky Land

Moto X3M Spooky Land is the latest version of the Moto X3M. One of the most played game versions found within the Motorbike Game category is this.

How to Install Moto X3M Unblocked?

If you want to install the Moto X3M Unblocked, then you follow these steps:

  • Firstly, to install the extension to Chrome, click “Add to Chrome”.
  • Install the Moto X3M toolbar extension icon in Chrome.
  • Lastly, now in the Chrome toolbar click the Moto X3M icon so, the Moto X3M popup will be open.

The way/How to play Moto X3M Unblocked?

The Moto X3M Unblocked game is very easy to play and understand. You know that every game has rules and regulations. If you are playing this game for the first time you must follow the rules and regulations to play the game easily and as a good player.

  • Firstly, you will ensure the working of the internet connection.
  • Open the Web browser.
  • Visit the Unblocked Games websites and now search “Moto X3M unblocked.”
  • You also open the RUSLAN.ROCKS website and search for the game.
  • Now, you will start playing the game.
  • You must be aware that some websites may need Flash Player or a different plugin to run properly to play the game.
  • You carefully learn how to use the game’s controls. The arrow keys are used to play the game use these arrow instructions;
  • To speed up to accelerate use the W or Up Arrow key.
  • To break the Motorbike use the S or Down Arrow key.
  • To set the position of your motorbike use the A or left Arrow key and D or Right Arrow key. These keys are essential when doing front flips and backflips.
  • Start with the first level and perform to complete the level as soon as you can. Skipping objects and doing stunts to get bonus points.
  • As you go through the level, the next level opens, and you get the stars to upgrade your Motorbike.
  • You will be Facing the challenges next to the next level for fun and enjoy the game.

The way/How to play Moto X3M Unblocked

How to use a Mobile device to play Moto X3M Unblocked Game?

You can play this game by using a mobile phone. It’s an excellent technique for playing without worrying about losing your saved data. Just Follow the rules.

  • First, for IOS devices
  • Just select “Add to Home Screen” from the drop-down menu in the “Share” option.
  • Tap the “Menu” icon on an Android smartphone.
  • Now, choose “Install App”

Tips for Playing and Win Moto X3M Unblocked

Moto X3M unblocked game is easy to play but if you want to become a good player of this game you will learn these tips to save time to reach the next level and get 1,2 or 3 a star to upgrade your motorbike.

Speed control:

Control your speed level. To clear challenges, you have to go through difficult areas, you must keep your speed normal and in a normal place, you keep your speed high. Simply you just focus on the game and maintain your speed level at any place according to difficulties.

Use Stunts and Tricks:

To save your time use stunts and tricks. Is a great way to perform the stunt to save time. Flip forward and backward to decrease your time by 0.5 seconds, every flip makes an area up to 0.5. So, remember that you use tricks and stunts to save your time as much as you do.

Return Tire boost:

If you only touch the ground using your back tire as you fall, you’re going to receive a boost. So, look for the ideal angle.

Boost Start Mini:

You may sometimes save some time simply by providing yourself with a little move once you stop. Hold down the brakes while stopping simultaneously (W+S) or (Up Arrow + Down Arrow). When you require a moment before moving on to the next level, these boosts are most effective.

Set up the timer but not yet:

When you press the W, A, D or UP, Down, or Right keys, the time starts so, consternate on your game before starting the game due to saving your time.

Getting better by practice:

At the start of the game you may have problems understanding the thing and rules but when you play this game as much more you will grasp this game. Moreover, during the game, you have to remember the speed, stunts, and everything to play the game better.

Pay Attention to face challenges:

DO not do anything when you start the game. To face challenges, you have to pay your full attention to the game. Otherwise, you fail the level, so the next level will not be open for you.

Be patient:

You complete your game level with patience, just keep trying, and being focused. You learn the skills in the previous level.

Save stars in each level Moto X3M Unblocked

Firstly, the Moto X3M game is based on time. Secondly, at each level you will get the stars but, if you want the stars you must complete the level at a faster speed. As you complete the level in faster time you earn more stars. Lastly, you will win more stars and rewards if you carefully avoid any hazards and difficulties along the path.

Versions of Moto X3M Unblocked Game

Moto X3M unblocked game has six versions. Four versions are available. The other two versions are not available.

Available Versions

  • Moto X3M Winter
  • Moto X3M 5 Pool party
  • Moto X3M Spooky Land
  • Moto X3M

Not available anymore

  • Moto X3M 2
  • Moto X3M 3

Versions of Moto X3M Unblocked Game

Benefits of Moto X3M Unblocked Game

The Moto X3M Unblocked game is a very interesting Bike racing game. Playing this game is not only to pass your time but this game also has many advantages.

  • Save Money: You can play this game for free to save money. You can play this game without any tension about money at any time and also at any place.
  • No need for a specific device: You can play this game without any specific device or hardware. You just log in to this game at home or any place on your phone or tab.
  • Time Reaction: This game is based on time. So, you have to focus on time and other challenges. This thing helps you to improve your time reaction in other areas of life.
  • Concentration: In this game, you need to focus and concentrate to challenge the difficulties and hurdles for success at each level. So, this helps you to concentrate and focus on other areas of life as well.
  • Fun: You can also play this game for fun. After playing you feel less stressed and feel easy to do any work.
  • Hand-Eye connection: This game requires time control. So, it helps to improve hand-eye connection.
  • Graphically Designed: This game presents a very good look. The use of colors is so amazing and enhances the eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the newest Moto X3M Unblocked game?

Moto X3M Spooky Land is the newest version.

What are the names of unblocked game sites that are not blocked by the school?

Some sites are not blocked at school as follows:

  • Slope game unblocked.
  • Cool math games unblocked.
  • Unblocked games 911.
  • Unblocked games wtf.
  • Crazy games unblocked
  • Unblocked games 66

What type is Moto X3M Unblocked?

Moto X3M Unblocked game is a time-based bike racing game. This game has 22 levels. As you complete the game at a fast time you also get more rewards. To upgrade your motorbike you collect more stars.

When did the Moto X3M Unblocked game release?

August of 2016, when the Moto  Unblocked game was released.

How many levels are in the Moto X3M Unblocked game?

The Moto X3M Unblocked game has 22 levels.

Moto X3M is an unblocked game?

Yes, Moto X3M is an unblocked game. You can easily play this game without any restrictions or limitations. You can easily play this game at school or any place.

What are other names of Moto X3M versions?

Moto X3m has six versions as follows:

  • Moto X3M Winter
  • Moto X3M 5 Pool party
  • Moto X3M Spooky Land
  • Moto X3M
  • Moto X3M 2 (Not available)
  • Moto X3M 3 (Not available)


The Moto X3M Unblocked game is a beneficial game. This game is not just about racing. It will help you to improve your time management because this game is based on time. This game also increases your skills in solving problems in new ways as you learn how to jump your bike at that time or not. Now you need to motor speed at high or low. This thing gives you a great lesson. How you handle your life problems. Where you need to speak or be silent and patient. Games are only for fun. You will play this game or any game just for mind relaxation and joy. Enjoy your life happily.

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