Masturbation Effects on Kidney, Back Pain & Facts

Masturbation Effects on Kidney, Back Pain & Facts

If you enjoy self-satisfaction quite often and also feel pain in the lower part of the abdomen, you may wonder if it may be because of masturbation. So, if you think masturbation effects on kidney then, it is totally wrong. There is no interconnection between kidney pain or issues in the kidney with masturbation. In this article, we will discuss the side effects and benefits of masturbation. Moreover, we will discuss kidney issues that you might wonder about happening because of masturbation.

What is Masturbation?

Masturbation is quite common nowadays not only in men but also in women. This is the process in which a person satisfies his sexual desires by stimulating his private body parts. Masturbation is considered a healthy activity if a person does it within a limit. Excessive masturbation leads to various problems.

However, there are many myths roaming around about masturbation effects on kidney. Modern research suggests that there is no evidence of any interlink between masturbation and kidney problems. Moreover, there are multiple physical and mental benefits of masturbation. Again the important point to consider is the frequency of masturbation.

What is Masturbation

Myths about Masturbation Effects on Kidney:

Let us discuss the most common myths that you often hear from different sources about masturbation effects on kidney. Moreover, we will discuss the actual reasons for those myths.

Masturbation causes pain in Kidneys:

Most people complain that they feel severe pain in the kidneys after masturbation. Therefore, they thought this is because they masturbated and it caused pain in their kidneys. But the truth is that there is no connection between masturbation and kidney pain.

The pain in the kidney may be due to a kidney stone or the position in which you have masturbated. Because when you are in your pleasuring moments, you do notice your body position, however, after the serf satisfaction process ends, that awkward body position results in that kidney pain.

Masturbation causes pain in Kidneys

Masturbation may lead to kidney stones:

A lot of people agree with the myth that masturbation causes stones inside the kidney. But the actual reason for kidney stones has nothing to do with masturbation. So, this is another myth regarding masturbation effect on kidneys.

Loss of nutrients and mineral causes damage to kidneys:

Many people believe that when a person masturbates, he loses many important and vital minerals and nutrients from his body. Therefore, the kidney’s work is to purify and rectify the mineral so, when a person loses all his vital nutrients through masturbation, pain arises in the kidney. However, there is no evidence regarding this myth kidney pain has no connection with the loss of sperm and nutrients through masturbation.

Urine may infect the sperm of a person:

There is another myth regarding masturbation effects on kidney that urine and sperms run in the same organ So, during masturbation, the sperms run in the urethra or a male then urine mixes with the sperms and damages or kills the sperms. However, the truth is that the bladder, urethra, and kidneys all work together and during masturbation, the urinary path from the bladder to the urethra is blocked by the internal valves and only sperms run in that track. Therefore, there are no masturbation effects on kidney and not on the urine entering the sperm during ejaculation’s.

There are many other myths related to masturbation that people often accept. Following are the most common myths regarding masturbation

  • Masturbation leads to erectile dysfunction, especially in male body parts.
  • It leads to infertility in males and females.
  • Moreover, it causes the male private part to shrink.
  • Furthermore, due to masturbation, the sperm count of a person becomes lower in the body.

Benefits of Masturbation:

Let us now discuss the major benefits of masturbation.

Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction:

Masturbation can provide individuals with a means of discovering what feels pleasurable to them and learning about their sexual preferences and desires. This can lead to sexual pleasure and satisfaction, helping individuals understand and enhance their own sexual experiences.

Stress Relief and Relaxation:

Engaging in masturbation can reduce stress levels by releasing the hormones like endorphins, which are the body’s natural feel-good hormones. It provides a great and relaxing experience, allowing individuals to release tension.

Improved Sleep:

Masturbation can aid in better sleep by contributing to a more restful sleep due to the release of endorphins during the act, followed by relaxation afterward. This is another benefit but there are no masturbation effects on kidney.

Sexual Health:

Masturbation has positive effects on sexual health. It is important to note that there are no masturbation effects on kidney. Actually, it improves blood flow to the genital area which promotes overall sexual function and health. Regular masturbation also helps individuals become more familiar with their own bodies.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction:

Masturbation is an effective healthy activity for stress relief. Because it provides a pleasurable private experience that helps individuals relax, unwind, and temporarily escape from daily worries or issues.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Relief from Sexual Tension:

For those without any sexual relationships or who experience feelings of frustration, masturbation gives a mode of relaxation and satisfying those desires while providing relief from the tension associated with them.

Actual Downsides of Masturbation:

Following are the actual downsides of masturbation that you should be worried about.

Masturbation also causes eyesight problems:

Excessive masturbation causes problems for the eyes also. Because of this eyesight of a person may decrease. This is because of the vitamin and mineral loss during the masturbation process. Vitamin A is very important for the proper working of eyes and eyesight. Therefore, excessive masturbation results in loss of vitamin A and consequently in eyesight weakness. So, masturbation’s effect on the eyes is greater than masturbation effects on kidney.

Excessive masturbation leads to weakness:

Masturbating very frequently causes minerals and vitamins to excuse the body. Therefore, masturbation affects on kidney and other body parts. That is why the body feels pain and loss of minerals causes the body to become weak.

Excessive masturbation results in Back pain:

Back pain is also caused by masturbation and if a person does it quite often this pain starts increasing. Therefore, quitting is a great idea for improvement in your health.

Excessive masturbation results in Back pain

Does masturbation cause urinary tract infections?

Yes, urinary tract infection can occur if the person does not follow the hygienic conditions while masturbating. The germs and infectious particles can enter the body of the person thus causing the urinary tract infection. So, it is always better to follow a clean and safer environment while self satisfying your body. However, it is important to know there are no masturbation effects on kidney.


What things can damage your kidneys?

Following are the major habits that really leave a great impact and damage the kidneys.

  • Overusing Painkillers.
  • Excessive eating of artificial and processing Foods.
  • Drinking Less Water.
  • Not having proper Sleep.
  • Excessive consumption of Meat.
  • Consuming food with high sugar levels.
  • Lighting Up.
  • Drinking excessive amounts of Alcohol

Can I recover from the harmful effects of masturbation?

Yes, one can recover from the harmful effects of masturbation. But there are no masturbation effects on kidney. However, it needs great dedication and focus from the patient as well. If you are committed to getting rid of this scenario, you need to suggest a doctor and make a proper plan. The time period actually varies and it demons on the intensity of the effects, you are suffering from, Usually it can vary from weeks to months or even can take a year

How do you keep your kidneys healthy?

Following are the habits that you should follow to keep your kidneys healthy.

  • Avoid Smoking
  • Get a proper sleep
  • Use healthy food and drinks
  • Avoid Alcohol and other drugs
  • Do Physical activities and exercises to remain fit.

Final Note:

One may notice masturbation effects on kidney but there is no such evidence or proof from medical science that can relate these two matters. Masturbation has a few negative effects on the body of a person. But kidney issues are not related to masturbation in any way. We also discussed the common myths about masturbation effects on kidney and are related to them and also discusses the actual reasons for those myths.

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