How to make Dinosaur in Little Alchemy

How to make Dinosaur in Little Alchemy

If you have an interest in science subjects, especially chemistry, then definitely this Alchemy game is for you. There are different questions that this website asks like how to make dinosaur in little alchemy. You will get every raw material that is required to make that dinosaur. In this article, we will discuss the complete procedure of making a dinosaur. Moreover, the discussion can lead toward the introduction of the Alchemy game.

How to make Dinosaur in Little Alchemy?

Now we will discuss how to make dinosaur in Little Alchemy using the combinations of different objects.

First of all, the hint “Time + Lizard” will be given to you while starting this game. This hint is actually the final combination of two words that will make Dinosaur.

Now, you need to keep this in mind and try to combine things to make “ Time” and “Lizard.” Following are the combinations that you will follow to make a dinosaur. Therefore, You need to start with basic elements.

Earth + Water Mud
Air + Water Rain
Rain + Earth Plant
Mud + Plant Swamp
Fire + Air Energy
Swamp + Energy Life
Life + Air Bird
Bird + Bird Egg
Egg + Swamp Lizard
Air + Energy Wind
Earth + Fire Lava
Lava + Air Stone
Wind + Stone Sand
Sand + Fire Glass
Sand + Glass Time
Lizard + Time Dinosaur

how to make dinosaur in little alchemy

how to make dinosaur in little alchemy

What is Alchemy?

Alchemy is basically an online game that is specially designed for kids and young boys who have an interest in science. This is a great fun activity in the form of a game in which the users have to make the things that the game asks. For making those things you will get certain raw materials. You just need to pick the things that can be used in making that object. This fun game not only enhances your knowledge but also provides you with great details and facts about nature and science like how to make Dinosaur in Little Alchemy.

What is Alchemy

Gameplay of Alchemy:

First of all, you can see on the front page of the game that there is the last hint that you need to make that object. Like it was “time + lizard” in the making of a dinosaur. You may be wondering how to make dinosaur in little alchemy. We already discussed that in the above paragraph. So, to make anything that the game asks for, you need to have a basic knowledge of which simple things in combination make new complex things.

  • In Alchemy, you have to join two things at a time to make a new complex thing.
  • Once, you make a complex thing, you can later on use that complex thing with another thing to make a new object.
  • You have to start with 4 basic elements of life that are “Air”, “Water”, “Fire”, and “Earth.”
  • Furthermore, You can make around 550 elements with various combinations of these basic elements.
  • For playing purposes, you have to drag and drop the object for making new objects.
  • The complex things that you have made, can be used from the right-side menu bar.

This is all about the gameplay of this simple game. One can easily play this game to know how to make Dinosaur in Little Alchemy without facing any issues with its rules and gameplay.

Gameplay of Alchemy

Benefits of Playing Alchemy:

There are multiple benefits of playing this game, especially for children who have a great interest in science subjects. Moreover, kids who love to explore the reality and existence of the object will also enjoy playing this online game.

  • The first benefit of this Alchemy game is, it provides great fun and creates a healthy environment for learning.
  • Kids can learn about different objects that they often see around them and wonder about their construction.
  • Moreover, from a knowledge and learning point of view, kids and boys can learn about new and different things. This game can make them addictive and alchemist with its interesting questions like how to make dinosaur in little alchemy.
  • Furthermore, playing an Alchemy game provides you with great mental exercise. When the player has to keep in mind which object will make a certain thing while combining with a specific object. This thing actually drains the energy of the brain and makes it more sharper.
  • While playing with your friends and family members, you can enjoy a great fun time. This game is not typical for kids and students, anyone can play this game to refresh his mind and for some fun time.

Tips for playing Alchemy:

Following are a few tips and instructions that can help you play alchemy games efficiently.

  • Always start the game by combining two basic elements like “Fire + Water”, “Earth + Water”, and “Water + Air.”
  • You should keep in mind the complex things that you have formed by different combinations of basic elements. Because it will help a lot in making the final object with ease. You may wonder how to make dinosaur in Little Alchemy. So, for that purpose, you need to start with “Earth + Water.”
  • Similarly, try to make more combinations and keep the mind active while making the final product.
  • Always remember the final object in mind while making the combinations. This will help because your mind will click on the right thing that you need to make the answer object. For example, in the question “ How to make dinosaur in little alchemy” you need to keep in mind “dinosaur” while combining Water and earth, you will get mud. This mud is necessary to make a swamp while combining it with a plant. Similarly, the Swamp will combine with energy to give life. Life will further combine with other objects to ultimately make a dinosaur.


How do you get dinosaurs in Little Alchemist?

By combining Lizard with Time, one can get a dinosaur. We have completely described the whole process of how to make dinosaur in little alchemy in the paragraphs above in the article. You can read that to know the exact process of making dinosaurs in alchemy.

How do you make a Tyrannosaurus rex in little alchemy?

Once you get the dinosaur, you need to follow the steps to make a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Combine Dinosaur with Meat. You will get Tyrannosaurus Rex. However, the process of making meat and dinosaurs is different in different Alchemy games. The process of making a dinosaur is already discussed in the article. For making meat, you need to follow the combination below.

Earth + Life = Human

Human + Plant = Farmer

Farmer + Life = Livestock

Stone + Fire = Metal

Metal + Stone = Blade

Blade + Livestock = Meat

What kind of dinosaurs can you make in Little Alchemy?

You can make dinosaurs and Tyrannosaurus in the Little Alchemy by combining different recipes.

How do you make wild Godzilla in little alchemy?

By combining Dinosaur with the city, you can get Godzilla in Little Alchemy. For Dinosaur, the whole process has been discussed earlier. For a city, you should follow the below combinations,

Metal + Human = Tools

Plant + Time = Tree

Tree + Tool = Wood

Wood + Human = House

Fire + Water = Stream

Stream + Air = Cloud

Cloud + Air = Sky

Sky + House = Skyscraper

Skyscraper + Skyscraper = City

City + Dinosaur = Godzilla

Final Thoughts:

Now, we completely discussed how to make dinosaur in Little Alchemy. Further, there are multiple benefits of this game in terms of fun and a healthy environment. In addition, there are different tips and instructions that you need to follow to play this game in an effective way. For more info visit


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