Complete Guide On Gummy Bear Implants, Benefits, Detriments, Cost

Complete Guide On Gummy Bear Implants, Benefits, Detriments, Cost

Women nowadays are very much possessive when it comes to the shape and size of their bodies. Therefore, a properly shaped breast adds to the attraction and beauty of women. Therefore, women tend to do breast implants. Gummy bear implants are types of breast augmentation that can be done in two different shapes. These types of implants are becoming quite popular because of the long-lasting effects of these implants.

In this article, we will discuss the Gummy Bear Implants and the benefits and detriments of applying these bracelets augmentation. Moreover, we will discuss the costs and reasons for the huge popularity of these implants.

What are Gummy Bear Implants?

Gummy Bear Implants are basically a surgery in which they tend to change the shape of their breasts to a shape like a teardrop and at the same round as well. This implant is also known as a cohesive silicone-based implant. The name “Gummy Bear” comes from the shape of the implant that looks like gummy bear candies.

The build-up of this implant is basically a silicone shell with a stable silicon gel filling inside those silicon shells. The reason these implants hold their shape for a longer period of time is that they have thicker silicone gel than other silicone implants. Moreover, People are not well aware of this new type of implant.

There are two types of Gummy Bear  which are teardrop and round shape. In the teardrop shape of the implant, the bottom part of the implant is thicker but with the passage of time, this part starts becoming softer.

What are Gummy Bear Implants

Why are Gummy Bear Implants so Popular?

Gummy Implants are more famous than other implants because of various attributes. Women love to have breasts that are more firm and stay in their position for a long period of time. These implants exactly do that and this gummy bear design looks very natural and enhances the attraction of women. Moreover, these breast implants do not wrinkle or loosen their shape and skin quickly. Another major reason for its popularity is less risk of skin scars and silicone entering the body after the implants. All these factors contribute to the popularity of these implants.

Is it safe to do Gummy Bear Implants?

As discussed earlier, a Gummy bear implant is a new type of breast augmentation. Therefore, there have not been discovered any special risks that are associated with gummy implants. But usually, mainly the risks are similar to those that you may face by trying other implants like silicone or saline breast implants.

The FDA has approved that women that are older than 22 years can carry out this breast implant. However, it is necessary that women should always consult their doctor before doing this implant.

It is safe to do such breast implants but the patient is already told the possible risks and hazards involved in it. These risks are rupture, shrinking, and capsular contracture of the breast after implants and the woman goes through a very tough time until complete treatment.

Is it safe to do Gummy Bear Implants

Advantages of Gummy Bear Implants:

Let us discuss the advantages of pacing the gummy implants in their breasts.

  • Many women prefer gummy bear implants due to their ability to provide a more natural appearance and texture compared to regular silicone implants.
  • The teardrop shape they offer gives a realistic look to the upper breast while allowing it to hang naturally.
  • This implant type is also less likely to move around or shift with body movement which makes it ideal for active individuals.
  • Additionally, they have a lower risk of leaking if ruptured and are less likely to cause complications such as capsular contracture or scarring around the implant site.

Detriments of Gummy Bear Implants:

Moving on to the detriments of these implants, the following are the major disadvantages;

  • When it comes to breast augmentation, gummy bear  may have certain limitations.
  • While their teardrop shape and material composition make them a viable option, they may not be able to add as much volume as saline or silicone implants.
  • In addition, the procedure can result in a longer scar compared to other implant types.
  • Some people may also find that gummy bear implants are too firm for their liking, as they tend to be firmer than traditional silicone options.
  • It’s worth noting that the cost of breast augmentation using gummy bear implants is typically higher than other types of implants.
  • Moreover, there is a rare association with a disorder called anaplastic large cell lymphoma if textured gummy bear implants are chosen.

Total Cost of Gummy Bear Implants:

In terms of breast augmentation procedures, insurance coverage is typically not an option and payment must be made out-of-pocket. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2017, the average cost for such a procedure was $3,718. However, gummy implants tend to be more expensive than regular silicone implants with costs ranging from $6,000 to $12,000 depending on factors like the physician performing the procedure, their technique, and the location of their office.

It’s important to keep in mind that additional expenses are associated with gummy bear breast implants such as hospital and anesthesia fees. You should also consider clothing items required during the recovery period. It’s advisable to confirm these costs beforehand.

Recovery time is another important factor and one should not ignore it at any cost. It can take several weeks to complete recovery from surgery.

Total Cost of Gummy Bear Implants


How long do gummy bear implants last?

The exact lasting time period depends on various factors. These factors are the age of the patient, type of skin, and proper care that the patient has to do after the surgery. So, usually gummy bear implants last 20 years. No breast augmentation is permanent and the woman has to do breast surgery. However, these bear implants last quite a long time.

What is better silicone or gummy bear implants?

As we already discussed, gummy implants are safer than silicone implants. This is because of the dense silicone that keeps the breast in shape for a longer period of time. Moreover, there are fewer chances of silicone absorbing in the scars and body that we often see in silicone and saline breast implants.

Why are gummy bear implants better?

The gel that the sturgeons use in the gummy implants is thicker than the normal silicone gel. In other types of implants, the thinner gel is used. This thicker gel usually stays on the lower side of the breasts. Therefore, it keeps the breast firm and in shape for a long time. Therefore, gummy bear implants are a better choice instead of other breast implants that have a high risk of rupture and shrinking of breasts after some time.

Final Notes:

On the final notes, we came to the conclusion that traditional breast implants have more risks and are costly too. While on the other hand, gummy bear implants are a much safer option. Moreover, it has two types of breast shape and low-risk levels because of no silicone absorption in the scars and body skin. From a cost point of view, these implants are also quite economical. So, it is safe to go with these types of breast augmentation for a longer period of time.

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