Why did Delta Inflight Magazine service stop Permanently?

Why did Delta Inflight Magazine service stop Permanently?

The famous Airline Delta is best known for its excellent flight services all around the world. Before the Covid Pandemic, this Airline used to serve magazines to people traveling on their airplanes. Delta Inflight Magazine was a great source of entertainment, knowledge, and fun for travelers. However, Delta Airlines has stopped the production of these magazines in recent times.

In this article, we will discover the various reasons that forced the Airline to halt the Delta Inflight Magazine service on their flights. Moreover, we will discuss the publishers and readership of this magazine.

What is Delta Inflight Magazine?

Delta Inflight Magazine was basically a magazine of SKY Digital that Delta Airlines serve to travelers for reading. This magazine had the latest news from various fields of life like politics, entertainment, sports, Premium services, and adult channels. Delta Airlines is quite popular for its amazing services and great comfort. Therefore, this Airline used to serve this Delta Inflight magazine for the travelers to entertain them from whatever was happening around the world.

This Sky magazine is owned by British Sky Broadcasting. Therefore, this magazine covers the information in the English Language. Moreover, You can read the information regarding the latest interviews with celebrities and athletes. Furthermore, this magazine covers news about Sky movies, Programmed reviews, and television Listings in it.

What is Delta Inflight Magazine

Why did Delta Airlines halt the publication of Delta Inflight Magazine?

Recently, Delta Airlines asked the publisher of the Inflight Magazines to stop their publication of this magazine. Delta Airlines took this step in the wake of an increase in the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2022. Many Airlines from all around the world removed these magazines because they were a source of virus transfer from one person to another.

Therefore, this Airline also stopped the process of keeping Delta Inflight Magazine in the pocket of the backseats. However, after the pandemic ended, Delta did not bring those magazines again after the vaccination and pandemic ended.

Maria Moraitakis Statement regarding Retiring Delta Inflight Magazine:

When asked about the restoration of these magazines in the flight, one of the Delta Spokesperson Maria Moraitkis said, “At the early onset of the pandemic, we removed Sky magazine from our seatback pockets to eliminate nonessential items and reduce touch points. Since then, we have found a small but significant reduction in carbon emissions through the removal of the print magazine from our flights and have made the decision to retire the publication. We continue to evaluate ways to create a more enjoyable and sustainable in-flight experience.”

Maria Moraitakis Statement regarding Retiring Delta Inflight Magazine

Covid-19 Setback:

Covid-19 caused great havoc in the lives of people from all around the world. Therefore, every small or big company has to change its living, operating, and working methods to stop the deadly virus spread. The same is the case when Delta Airlines stopped placing the Delta Inflight Magazines. Delta Airlines took this initiative to reduce the touchpoints of the traveler during his flight so that the spread of coronavirus stops.

As this virus spread through the mutual sharing of objects and on the flights everything that can contribute to this virus spread was removed. So, not only Delta Airlines, but all the major Airlines operating in the world started to remove such touchpoints from their airplanes.

Reduction in Carbon Emission:

After the pandemic ended, the world changed dramatically. Reading, watching, eating, and all the major working habits saw a huge change. Moreover, people started preferring online reading rather than offline reading. Therefore, the Airlines did not restore the idea of magazines in the fights.

The same is the case with Delta Airlines, it also stopped placing the Delta Inflight Magazine even after the end of the pandemic. Moreover, the spokesperson cited that during the pandemic period, they saw a huge impact on the carbon emission from the Airline which significantly reduced. Moreover, people did not show interest in reading Magazines. So, they did not restore the process of Delta Inflight Magazine.

Delta Inflight Magazine Readership:

Before Covid-19, Sky magazine had a readership circulation of around 5 Million. But after the pandemic, Sky magazine has seen a huge decrease in its readership. This was because of the change in the reading habit that people developed during the pandemic period.

Similarly, Delta Inflight Magazine demand also decreased because people did not take any interest in reading the magazines to get the latest news. Because they can reach through their cell phones and laptops.

Delta Inflight Magazine Readership

Publishers of Delta Inflight Magazine:

MSP Communications is actually a content publishing company that used to publish the Delta Inflight Magazine from the Sky Magazines. Before the pandemic, this company had a circulation of 5.5 Million copies around the globe. Similarly, after the pandemic, there was a huge decrease in the production and reading of magazines, because Delta Airlines ended its contract with it. The last Delta Inflight Magazine was published in March 2020. The April Magazine 2020 was not published but rather posted online on their website.


Is Delta Sky magazine still published?

No, Delta Airlines has stopped the publishing process of Sky magazine for their flights. After the pandemic period, this process did not start because people no longer had an interest in reading magazines, and also a reduction in the carbon emission of paper.

What is the magazine on Delta flights?

Sky Magazine was a source of entertainment and news on Delta Flights before the pandemic. However, after Covid-19, the Airlines stopped the Delta Inflight Magazine service in the wake of the reduction of carbon emissions.

Do airlines still have in-flight magazines?

Many Popular Airlines Services like Delta Airlines have stopped placing inflight magazines in the back of the seats. This was done when Covid-19 hit the world by storm. Later, many airlines did not restart the physical magazine service. However, one can avail the service of digital Magazines on his flight across the globe.

Are in-flight magazines coming back?

Many top-class Airlines like American and Delta are against the idea of bringing inflight magazines back. They are of the idea that these magazines contribute to carbon emissions. Moreover, people do not read physical magazines anymore. So, you will not get any physical magazines on these airlines; instead, you can read these magazines digitally.

Final Note:

Many popular Airlines across the globe have stopped the magazine service in their flights. Therefore, it is the end of an era where you can see people reading magazines and on flights. There was no plan to stop this service however, Covid-19 forced the Airlines to do so. But after that many airlines including Delta Airlines also ceased the Delta Inflight Magazine services.


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